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A new chapter

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Virtual & Hybrid Events

The future of events has been unlocked in a new way.

With the ability to create completely virtual events or stream an in person event around the world, it is now possible to engage your audiences like never before. We are proud to offer access to a state of the art live-stream studio and provide multi-camera event live-streams. Hybrid and virtual events allow for higher attendance rates and provide a cost effective solution for a wider geographical reach of audience. Expand your event across the globe.

Our Studio
Situated in Swindon, a short drive from the M4, we are proud to offer a flexible AV studio boasting multiple camera angle capabilities and an interactive 75" inch screen. Our diverse portfolio includes awards shows, workshops and conferences, we can support you from concept through to delivery.

Mobile Studio
Have you got a beautiful space you'd like to use as the foundation of your event? No problem. Our range of live-stream solutions can be transported anywhere in the UK to transform any environment into an industry standard production studio. Design your event with the freedom to choose any venue that will bolster the impact of your ideas and we will accommodate your space without any compromise in quality.

Event Live-streaming

Expand the reach of your message by live-streaming an in-person event to anywhere in the world. Adding a hybrid element to your occasion can provide those viewing at home with a new creative medium to experience your show. Through the power of virtual, connect your in-person and remote audience by allowing them to share the experience of one event together. Share your ideas with us and we can direct you with the technical solution to achieve your vision.

Have a project in mind?

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