Virtual Events 

We offer pristine audio management to ensure that your message is heard by your audience. Using the finest audio equipment, we take the upmost care and pride in delivering your audio content to your viewers.

Location Sound Recording 

Sound can often be overlooked in the world of film, but we believe that great sounding visual content is just as important as a great looking content. The key to quality sound starts at the source, so we provide compact, high fidelity location sound recording to ensure the finest quality audio is captured for your projects.

Post Production Mixing & Editing

Visual content is extremely important for businesses and individuals in the 21st Century. That's why we offer post production audio mixing and editing for shorts, branded content and corporates to ensure your creative content sounds as good as it looks. Whether your work needs a final polish for a press release or complete sound design, we can accommodate your needs with a varying pricing structure that caters for different budgets.